Ohakune was born out of a desire to make better-tasting soft drinks from natural ingredients that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy everyday life. However, we are not a company that makes health drinks, but we focus on drinks that are made with high-quality raw materials and as little as possible anything unhealthy, such as sugar. Our goal is to make exceptionally tasty drinks with as little sugar and additives as possible.

Company founder Matti Kukkonen

We develop and manufacture our products with the help of a small (but very skilled) team at our own brewery in Juvanmalmi, Espoo. Our first products, kombuchas and lemonades, became available in 2021. We are constantly developing and experimenting with all kinds of new products and striving to create more innovative non-alcoholic soft drinks.

Our organic kombucha is made using the traditional fermentation method. We use green and black tea and beet sugar as the basis for our kombucha together with kombucha-culture, or SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). The production of high-quality kombucha is not rushed but is allowed to ferment and condition for about 2 weeks before bottling. Because our kombucha contains live yeasts and bacteria, it must always be kept cold.

The basic idea of ​​our lemonades has been to create the most enjoyable taste experience possible from natural ingredients with little sugar. We ended up using organic beet sugar and lemon juice as the basis for our lemonades, after which we seasoned them and finished them with high-quality hop varieties. Hops give the drinks an excellent aroma and plenty of fruity flavors.

Ohakune is a brewery specializing in non-alcoholic soft drinks founded by Matti Kukkonen in 2020. The company's name has its roots in a village called Ohakune in New Zealand, where the idea of ​​a soft drink brewery originated.